Online Advertising, 5 Important Facts


Online Advertising, 5 Important Facts

Adam McEnroe • December 21st, 2016
Online Advertising, 5 Important Facts The world of online marketing has been, since the turn of the century, one of the biggest alterations in human society. We’ve went from being sold items via word of mouth, newspapers, magazines and TV to having it drilled into our pockets, on our phones, all the time. If you use the internet, social media or any kind of app then you likely – without even realizing it – are being advertised to constantly.

It sticks in the mind, and creates a little vacuum in yourself for online advertising that can easily be take control of by savvy marketers with a message.

Let’s take a look, then, at how this happened. What are some of the majorly important facts that hangs around the world of online advertising today?

  • We’re All Online. According to Branding Bricks, we now spend more time on online than we do looking at magazines, newspaper and other traditional media – combined! This means that if you want the best chance of being seen, use the web. It’s got a greater circulation, it’s available as and when people need it, and it’s there constantly. The chances of being seen online are far higher than they would be starting today.
  • Social Spenders. Likewise, we are beginning to spend more money on social advertising. Everyone uses social media so much today that it should not be much of a massive surprise, but social spending is on the up constantly. This means that we can see there is a shift away from traditional media advertising and more into the kind of advertising people are likely to notice – when talking to friends and family on the always-active social media industry.
  • It’s Still Growing. Worried your competition is ahead of you and you cannot catch up? Don’t be. Less than a third of all businesses are actually making the most of marketing campaigns at present. They don’t use analytics, tracking or even coupon codes – meaning that all that information is just escaping into the online advertising vacuum.
  • Budgets Matter. Even with that in mind, digital marketing budgets accounts for over one third of total budgets across the globe in 2016. This is a massive factor that shows proof as to why budgets are going up all the time – people need to be seen, heard and noticed online as much as they possibly can.
  • Features Work. One form of online advertising that many scoff at is re-targeting. Well, re-targeting is now responsible for an upwards 70% improvement in customer conversion. If someone is re-targeted, they are only 30% likely to not revert on their thinking and come back to see what is happening.

With all of this in mind, then, the world can feel far more secure than you might imagine when dealing with online advertising. Not sure what to do or how to best make your business work at its operational peak when marketing online? Then keep the above in mind – it might just change your mind!