Mobile Ads - The Future of Advertising?


Mobile Ads - The Future of Advertising?

Adam McEnroe • December 22nd, 2016
Mobile Ads - The Future of Advertising? For many businesses today, one of their most important life-bloods is mobile ads. Mobile advertisement has exploded in the last few years, as people move away from the desktop-governed interface and increasingly towards more powerful, mobile options.

It’s why advertising has had to change and adapt accordingly, adding mobile ads in a whole sense of the advertising term itself. Many still concentrate on desktop marketing and although it’s going nowhere, having a fine blend of both desktop ads and mobile ads makes it more likely to find consistent success.

However, there is a reason why so many are seeing mobile ads as the next generation of needed advertising. Just like SEO and PPC before it, mobile ads are becoming a very powerful force of good in the marketing industry. Let’s have look at some of the reasons why that may be.

Relatively Competitive

While Google ads can have the feel of the most cramped department store in the world, most mobile ads are yet to feel anywhere near as crammed and competitive. This allows you to get an easier time of it when it comes to advertising and planning. Competitive management is going to be much easier with mobile ads purely on the basis that the numbers involved and interested are nothing like the same – yet.

That won’t be the case forever, though, so make sure that you begin planning and preparing to be competitive as soon as possible. The longer you leave this, the more challenging it can be – and expensive – to get involved later.

Easier to Interact

It’s also easier to get people to interact with a mobile ad. On a PC screen or a laptop, we tend to have plenty going on and one primary aim for being there. Looking around on the web with a mobile device, though, tends to be a whole lot more casual. People are happier to be ‘bothered’ by an advert as they are usually just browsing and looking for some inspiration anyway.

For that reason, it’s much easier to understand and then interact with a mobile screen. If you pop up there, they are more likely to both notice and actually want to notice you in the first place.

Less Annoying!

Put simply, lots of people find adverts annoying. However, mobile ads are usually far less intrusive and obnoxious and this can make them easier to deal with. People don’t mind being offered small adverts but when you take over the screen on a PC it’s very annoying. Instead, you can look to the rather wonderful world of mobile ads to get something so much simpler to play around with.

So, it’s less annoying, it’s easier to manage and it’s still got the same chances of being a success. Really, why wouldn’t you consider using this kind of marketing?

Much like mobile devices, mobile ads are here to stay – we’d recommend you try and make the most of them starting today!