Best way to Monetize Traffic


Best way to Monetize Traffic

Adam McEnroe • December 9th, 2016
Best way to Monetize Traffic When managing an online business, one likely issue that you are going to come across is mastering the art of being able to monetize traffic. This can be a time-expensive and literally expensive thing to do when done wrong.

In fact, many businesses have bulleted months’ worth of advertising revenue chasing their need to monetize incoming traffic. This tends to leave a struggling business, with a marketing campaign that is dysfunctional and does not do the right things.

So, what’s the best way to avoid this capitulation from ever taking place?

Affiliate Marketing. Arguably the most effective and “free” way to manage your online business portfolio, affiliate marketing is a very easy solution to work with. However, affiliate marketing to monetize traffic means having traffic in the first place – and traffic that comes to you for the right reasons. The idea is with affiliate marketing you want to come across like the authority, so that people trust your word enough to buy what you are suggesting to them. For this reason, affiliate marketing is a good way to start earning – but it needs traffic, it needs quality content, and a website.

Cost-Per-Click. Otherwise known as CPC marketing, this is a direct marketing strategy that is the simplest way to monetize traffic. It’s monetized because you are paying for people who directly are looking for what you offer to come and try out your site. This can be very useful and goes a very long way to making sure that the CPC costs never need to feel too out of reach or outrageous. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that CPC can be determined by where you are and what you are offering, meaning competition can make it too expensive. Otherwise, too little interest in your area can bring no returns.

Cost-Per-Mille. This gives you the chance to set a marketing campaign up that is all about capturing attention. To monetize traffic, you use this to make sure that all impressions that come to your website have a chance of paying off big time. Working with a CPM expert can be the catalyst that your business needs to take that all-important next step forward. It also means understanding and appreciating the challenges that lie in wait for you, and that by working with the right people you can alleviate much of this challenge. Other good ideas for being able to monetize traffic is to simply get involved in subscriptions and membership fees, creating your own products to sell, offering coaching or consultation or even banner advertising. These are all effective and actionable strategies that will likely have someone (semi) local who you can meet up with and take on the world with for positive marketing.

The easiest way to monetize traffic, though, is definitely CPM. It’s so powerful and simplistic, that with the right people “manning the gun” so to speak you can make a killing from the added impressions each time. It’s a personal choice most of the time, but if you can only afford to pick one of these, pick CPM.