Alternative to Google AdSense


Alternative to Google AdSense

Adam McEnroe • December 10th, 2016
Alternative to Google AdSense When it comes to finding a reliable and effective alternative to Google AdSense, you can find that it’s very difficult to find something that you trust. After all, don’t they all more or less do the same thing? What’s the point in breaking free from the big dog, Google, and going independent?

Why not just rely on the biggest company to give you the best deal?

Yeah, because that always works!

Sometimes, it’s better to cut free from the “trusted” name on the industry, and look to an alternative that you can feel more comfortable operating alongside.

Finding an Alternative to Google AdSense

The best way to look for an alternative, first, is to understand what the alternatives may be. Since Google AdSense is by all intents and purposes a Cost-per-click (CPC) business opportunity, this means you will be investing in a budget that covers you for every click. By acting as a main advert on the Google pages for the keywords chosen, people will then see a creative ad appear and if they click on it, you pay the agreed upon fee for the keyword. So, if your keyword was 1p per click, and you get 100 clicks via AdWords, you pay £1.

However, the major alternative to CPC marketing is CPM marketing, or Cost-per-mille. This means that for every 1,000 impressions your website gets, you pay an arranged fee. In terms of volume and value for money, it’s a no-brainer. The best alternative to Google AdSense looks to achieve the same things in a different manner, making it an incredibly powerful solution to turn to.

If you are looking to break away from the typical marketing campaigns that you can run through Google, then hiring a CPM expert can be the right thing to do. The reason why you should hire someone is the same reason as why taking on Google AdSense yourself would be folly. With inexperience on what works and what sells, you are asking yourself to blow your budget without too many positive results returning.

Pricing a CPM Service

To make sure that you get the best value for your purchase, you need to know what you are actually buying. As the most reliable alternative to Google AdSense, this works to give you a simple and easy way to break free of old marketing methods – but how are you charged for the service?

You pay per click with AdSense, but what about this? What about hiring a third-party CPM service?

The pricing model tends to be quite simple – you pay per impression. To work out the cost, you simply need to take the CPM budget, and divide it by 1000. So, a $10 CPM campaign would be $.01 per impression. Compare that to a CPC campaign and you can see that the cost and marketing potential for huge volumes of visibility is a no-brainer.

For a simple alternative to Google AdSense, be sure to consider CPM services instead.